Posted on 08-11-2009
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If Turkey did not have enough on its plate in the battle between its secularists and Islamists for the loyalties of the Turkish people, American creationists are now lending a hand by providing support for the opponents of the theory of evolution.  Stymied in their attempts to have their latest god waved a magic wand theory (euphemistically named Intelligent Design) included in American science books instead of philosophy or religion books they are increasingly making contact with science ignorant religious zealots in the Muslim world.  And they have set up a creation museum in Kentucky to promote their literal interpretation of the Bible as science.  Unfortunately, in a country that can sometimes be maddeningly ignorant on a host of issues they have had some success.  Only 39% of the country now believes in evolution and 36% have no opinion, a tribute to the success of their insidious attempts to change state educational curriculums to “teach the controversy” aided by politicians (including those with biology degrees) shamelessly catering to their base .

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