Posted on 10-11-2009
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Foreign Policy attempts to burst many long held notions on what brought down the Berlin Wall.  The article does not list another factor that contributed in Eastern Europe outside the Soviet Union.  Other than Yugoslavia (which having declined to be a client state had been expelled from the Soviet bloc), all the other regimes were imposed by the Soviet Union in the aftermath of World War II.  The illegitimacy of these puppet regimes did not help the cause of Soviet control.  Even though public unrest was brutally suppressed previously in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, cracks had already appeared in the Iron curtain by 1989(Poland had struggled to control Solidarity for a decade).  The outcome could have been far bloodier, but by 1989 it is not clear that these regimes could indefinitely bribe the men with the guns.  In contrast the regimes that were not imposed solely as a result of Soviet tanks rolling into town and whose local communist leadership had genuine nationalistic credentials (China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam) have proved much harder to dislodge.

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