Posted on 13-11-2009
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The New York Times reviews rising resentment in France’s former West African colonies from the French embrace of corrupt and brutal dictators.  As with the American embrace of various banana republic dictators in Central and Latin America, this could ultimately be a self-defeating policy.  In the short run, France will benefit but could lose out in the long term due to the local instability it is generating and the backlash on the ground.

In someways this mirrors the cynical Chinese attempt to lock up resources by dealing with kleptocrats and thugs across the world.  But even China (and Russia) are finding themselves the target of public ire.  In Iran it has lead to chants that routinely called for death to America and Israel, replaced with calls for death to Russia and China.  Russia in addition has an often ignored history of meddling in Iranian affairs for the last 200 years, generally to the detriment of Iranian territorial integrity and democracy.

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