Posted on 24-11-2009
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Noticed this link on Yglesias with the odd praises of Chavez for characters ranging from terrorist Carlos the Jackal, to Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe to Uganda’s notorious Idi Amin.  Now that George W. Bush no longer occupies the White House the parade of American liberals legitimizing the populist Venezuelan demagogue by flying into Caracas seems to have died down a bit.  It is not easy for public figures to admit they were naive and taken in by a foreign authoritarian dictator.  But by largely remaining silent in face of Hugo Chavez’s erratic behavior, his evisceration of democratic institutions, his embrace of thugs and tyrants around the world largely because they are anti-American, and repeatedly trying to fund similar populist coups in Latin America they are guilty of the same hypocrisy that they alleged occurred under the Bush administration.

The tragedy of Hugo Chavez is that Venezuela’s creaky democracy had fallen prey to its bumbling elites and needed a jolt of popular legitimacy.  But instead of producing a Solon, Venezuela provided a Catiline with no respect for the rule of law and unwilling to learn from the failures of the command economy that ruined the Communist bloc.  One cannot criticize the bumbling elites who preceded Chavez without recognizing the failure of the so called Bolivarian Revolution to reach its proclaimed goals.

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