Posted on 25-11-2009
Filed Under (Current Affairs, Foreign Policy) by Rashtrakut
  • George Gavrilis suggests a closer look at the resolution of the Tajik civil war for the type of state system that may eventually emerge in Afghanistan.  While it is an interesting thought, Tajikistan did not have the same ethnic and sectarian tensions Afghanistan did and nor was it a proxy playing grounds for its neighbors.
  • Another look at the relative unknowns chosen as Europe’s President and Foreign Minister.
  • How the fears of a swine flu epidemic may have been cynically used as a gambit in Ukraine’s presidential election.
  • How Hezbollah has used a loophole in Shiite marriage law to satisfy the libido of its foot soldiers.
  • Time for the gathering of the Muslim faithful in Mecca for another Hajj, this event being overshadowed by swine flu fears and the political drama from Iran.
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