Posted on 04-12-2009
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As the Pakistani army finally turned its guns on the monsters it help create, the monsters have responded with the type of violence that Afghans and Indians have experienced over the years.  For these so called warriors of Islam it is evidently no sin to send suicide bombers into a mosque (reserved for military families) or to blow up schools.  For the zealots who fund and support these terrorists the question must be asked, what sort of state do you think you would gain in the unlikely event these tactics succeed.  With Pakistan finally facing at home the tactics it has used via proxies against India for the past 25 years it is now or never to fix its corroded institutions and fractured civil society.

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Yogi on 6 December, 2009 at 1:48 am #

Agreed, however whats a little troubling is that even though the Pak military is going after these guys, they seem to be making a distinction between those terrorists attacking local targets and those attacking and travelling between Pak/Afghan and also the ones targetting India…that is a problem

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