Posted on 09-12-2009
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The latest in the recording industry’s crusade against potential customers.  A federal judge has reluctantly signed off on a $675,000 verdict for illegally downloading 30 songs.  The recording industry’s lobbyists convinced Congress that these amounts were needed to “protect artists” who do not get much of these royalties to begin with and the punitive nature of this fine would deter illegal downloads.  However, at some point the dollar amount of the award reaches ridiculous levels.  The victory here is symbolic.  The defendant in this case will file bankruptcy and most of this fine will not be paid.

While the recording industry chose the brilliant tactic of suing would be consumers and opposed the relentless march of technology, the music market has moved beyond overpriced CDs.  In the age of the Ipod the battle over Napster and Kazaa seems dated.  In the event the Senate gets out of the spell of the RIAA’s lobbyists and amends copyright law (unlikely) the phyrric nature of the industry’s  victory will be even more evident.

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