Posted on 09-12-2009
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Professor Jonathan Turley sounds off on the Obama administration coming to the aid of the man who enabled the Bush administration’s torture regime and suggests that it is a rollback from the principles established at the Nuremberg Judges Trial.  Just caught the good professor on TV and I tend to agree with him that the administration’s rationale would essentially prevent any prosecution of Justice Department attorneys for any such lawbreaking in the future.  Unlike many of the brave attorneys in the JAG Corp who spoke out at the risk of their careers Yoo and his ilk essentially enabled the Bush administration’s run around well settled law to pretend that torture by any other name was not torture.  Worse, the harm to American values and reputation produced by giving in to fear does not appear to have produced much of substance (or anything that was not coming in through legal means).  As a friend once told me, Presidents seldom give up executive power.  Still, it is disturbing to see the Obama administration’s craven retreat on this issue.

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