Posted on 17-12-2009
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Pakistani President Zardari’s future is cloudy after the Pakistani Supreme Court voided a controversial amnesty granted by former dictator Pervez Musharraf.  Zardari earned his nickname by the alleged kickbacks he received during his wife’s tenure.

One of the tragedies of Pakistan is the venality and incompetence of its civilian politicians (Zardari’s opponent Nawaz Sharif faces similar charges) that allows the (equally corrupt and incompetent military establishment) to project an aura of superiority.  The weakness of Zardari’s government was on full display when the military establishment torpedoed his overtures to India in the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks.  This further weakens his government’s ability to prod the military to take on the Taliban.  Like in Afghanistan there is no clear civilian alternative to this mess, though a place holder from within his party can probably be found if Zardari’s resignation is forced.  More turmoil for South Asia’s nuclear-armed failing state lies ahead.

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