Posted on 09-03-2010
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Toyota’s beleaguered executives must already be wishing that 2010 is a distant memory.  The last couple of months have seen the Toyota brand name get battered and the increasingly confident (some would say over confident) industry leader discover that its management structure is now the subject of discussions in business schools – on how not to run a disaster response.  A brand name painstakingly built up over the last few decades is being shredded as Toyota executives struggle to assuage the concerns of Congress and panicky customers that they have solved the mystery of why some cars unexpectedly kept accelerating.

But the unfortunate timing of events today bring to mind the classic Kevin Bacon performance from Animal House.

The day starts with Toyota conducting a demonstration intended to “prove” that software glitches are not responsible for some cars randomly accelerating.  See link.  Fair enough.  There are even some who think the hysteria is being blown way out of proportion.  See link.  Unfortunately, on the very same day a rogue Prius took off and reached speeds of 94 mph where a sticky gas pedal and not the mat obstruction for which there was a Prius recall appears to have been the problem.  See link.  Luckily the driver of the vehicle was not injured.

We still don’t know what caused the Prius to take off today, but this reinforces the urgency for Toyota to get this problem behind it as soon as possible.  This is not the only blog or news article to note the awful timing of the episode for Toyota.

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