Posted on 14-03-2010
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Selection Sunday arrived and soon causal and serious sports fans will furiously start filling out brackets in office pools across the country.  March sees the college basketball world caught up in tourney madness as the United States focuses in possibly the most entertaining sports post-season in the country.  At the end a champion will be crowned based on performance on the field and nobody will quibble that a deserving championship contender was somehow left out.

It provides a stark contrast to the short-sighted greedy leaders who run and are slowly ruining the most popular college sport in the country – Division 1A College Football.  Unwilling to share the revenue pie with smaller schools (who in any genuine playoff would have to have a shot at the title) the leaders of major colleges come up with an increasing array of excuses as to why a playoff (which every other sport including Division 1B, 2 and 3 football implement with little trouble) would not work.

Given the popularity of football, one would think that the TV revenues and fan attendance for a meaningful post-season decided on the field rather than by coaches and media polls would be a revenue bonanza.  Instead in the name of tradition and “protecting the players” we are treated to an array of bowl games between mediocre teams and no guarantee that the “national champion” deserves the title.

Enjoy the coming sports extravaganza while thinking of what could also happen in late December.  And also pray that March madness is not diluted by the pending asinine proposal to expand the number of teams from 65 to 96.  Let the madness commence.

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