Posted on 22-03-2010
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I have never cared for Congressman Dan Lipinski.  The dislike is not personal since I do not know the man personally and not rooted by deep animus towards his political positions.  They stem largely from his nepotistic elevation to office in 2004 by his father Congressman Bill Lipinski.  Lipinski pere had been in Congress in various Chicago districts for about 20 years and won the 2004 Democratic Primary.  Then in August after the Republicans presented him with the usual token opposition in his Democratic district he abruptly withdrew and got party honchos to nominate his son, then a professor at the University of Tennessee.

Much could be forgiven had Lipinski fils emerged into a statesman of stature after this unfortunate introduction to politics.  Sadly he has been an undistinguished backbencher who occasionally aggravates local progressives with blue dog tendencies.  Understandably they get peeved at having to put up with this in what should be a safe Democratic seat.

On Sunday Dan Lipinski (after previously proclaiming his support of health care reform) became the only Democratic Congressman from Illinois to vote against health care reform. See link.  Since the bill passed I am not unduly incensed by Congressman Lipinski’s latest apostasy.  What has drawn my ire was this post by local Chicago journalist Lynn Sweet.  See here.  If accurate, and there does not seem to be a reason to doubt the reporting, Bill Lipinski’s nepotistic activities were not triggered by dreams of a local political dynasty.  Evidently they were triggered by the desire to create a comfortable Congressional sinecure for his son to provide him health insurance, which per Sweet’s latest edits gives him the opportunity to purchase lifetime coverage upon retirement.  Dan Lipinski is a diabetic requiring daily insulin shots.  He does not have to worry about being rejected for pre-existing conditions anymore.

And yet the good Congressman voted against a bill introduced by his party making insurance available to people with pre-existing conditions without parents who can get them into Congress as a backup plan.  Now that his sinecure has served its purpose it is time to send the Congressman back to Tennessee or wherever.  Unfortunately with Illinois’ ridiculously early primary calendar (a legacy of the last presidential primary) we are stuck with him for another term.

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