Posted on 24-03-2010
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Matt Yglesias has a good article comparing Romneycare to Obamacare and Mitt Romney’s transparently dishonest attempts to run away from his legacy.  See link.  He also discusses the fundamental flaw in the Republican position which accepts the need to prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions without understanding that such a provision cannot stand alone.  This point is not new.  Others like Paul Krugman and Jonathan Chait have raised this point in responding to people like Peggy Noonan.  See here and here.

The point is simple.  If insurance companies cannot deny people with pre-existing conditions you create an incentive for healthy people not to get insurance until they fall sick.  Hence you need a mandate to take care of the free-riders.  But once you create a mandate you need subsidies for people who cannot afford health care.  The end product is something along the line of Romneycare, Obamacare or a robust public option (which is probably more popular than either).

Given that Republicans support an ban on insurance companies discriminating against pre-existing conditions they need to come up with a meaningful alternative to Obamacare, not that nonsense of a plan they previously issued which expanded coverage by only 3 million.  Otherwise it is time for them to focus on responsible fixes to the plan, notably on the issue of cost control.  Somehow, I don’t see that happening.

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