Posted on 04-10-2010
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A couple of long takes on the roots of the tea party and the myths that animate the movement:

  • Matt Taibbi has his inimitable take based on his observances in Kentucky and other states.  There will be no mixed emotions about this.  You will either hate it or love it based on your political leanings.  I could not help chortling at this comment – “The average Tea Partier is sincerely against government spending — with the exception of the money spent on them.”  With the news seeping about about Rick Scott’s Medicaid fraud, Rand Paul’s back flips on receiving Medicare paymnts (covered in the article), Carl Paladino’s special tax breaks that went to his pocket instead of the intended purpose of job creation, Joe Miller seeking indigent status to get a hunting permit when he was not indigent and Sharron Angle who favors private health care but receives her own coverage through the federal government, that hit a chord.
  • Kevin Drum has his take on how the tea party regurgitates rhetoric like a dormant volcano that erupts when any Democratic president is elected, going back to FDR.  He does not agree with Taibbi’s take on the fears of browning America that seem to animate some of the rhetoric – though even Taibbi refers to the tea party members as narcissists rather than racists.

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