Posted on 07-10-2010
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Sarah Palin’s enforcer, her husband Todd, breathed fire last month when her protege Joe Miller (the Republican Senate candidate in Alaska) allegedly dissed her qualifications to run for President.  After the emails got leaked, Todd Palin walked back his comments claiming it was based on a miscommunication and this was much ado about nothing.  Wonder what the Palinites think of Miller’s subsequent painful performance on the Republican Pravda below:

A few thoughts come to mind:

  1. Is reciting the constitutional qualifications for the Presidency the best Miller can come up with for the half term quitter’s qualifications for the Presidency?  Even this youthful, albeit graying, blogger satisfies that criteria.  Perhaps I should try to get a similar endorsement from Miller.
  2. As Ben Smith noted this is another example of Palin’s unparalleled ability to alienate an ally.  The shrill reaction to a fairly innocuous statement does not bode well for the long term success of the Palin political machine.  It also explains Palin’s rocky relations with so many of her erstwhile mentors and staff.
  3. Todd Palin’s overbearing role as Alaska’s “First Dude” and in this email exchange highlight a sexist tinge to our political culture.  It is unlikely that the wife of a male politician could get away with this.  The last 25 years have shown a hostility to an independent strong willed spouse of Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates.  As Hillary Clinton infamously put it, the political class, the media and probably a large portion of the American public would rather the First Lady stayed at home and baked cookies.  It is good to see that the Second Lady without much fanfare returned back to her teaching job after inauguration.  I look forward to the day where the First Lady will not feel compelled to put her career on hiatus to serve a largely ornamental role.

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