Posted on 08-10-2010
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In an expected move, the Nobel committee honored Chinese dissident and non-violent democracy campaigner Liu Xiaobo with the Nobel Peace Price.  Also as expected, the Chinese government threw a major tantrum.  The news was blacked out on state media and internet censors blocked reports from Internet websites.  China then declared that the award would harm relations with Norway, to which the plucky Scandinavian country responded that it was time for China to grow up.

Even though the Chinese constitution grants a broad array of human rights (speech, assembly, religion, etc.) these are often overruled by other provisions regarding public order.  It is one of the myriad hypocrisies of communist states around the world that they fail to respect rights of their citizens just like the totalitarian regimes that preceded them.  Liu Xiaobo is the latest Nobel laureate honored for his refusal to submit to an authoritarian regime.  Unfortunately the award is largely symbolic and will not change the way China treats its citizens.  But for a brief moment the world spotlight shines back on China’s abysmal human rights record, a glow Beijing does not care to bask in.

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