Posted on 09-10-2010
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Last week, I picked on coaching ineptitude (as an aside, Les Miles pulled off another crazy finish this week leading to more speculation about the nature of his pact with the devil). Now it is time for players to take their lumps.  This is from today’s Texas Tech-Baylor game.  The Red Raiders aggressively call an onside kick.  Unfortunately the kicker does not kick it the ten yards required for recovery.  The ball is still live with a couple of Texas Tech players hovering over the ball until an alert Baylor player scoops up the ball for a touchdown.  Luckily for the Red Raiders they still beat Baylor for the 15th consecutive time. Enjoy the clip.

This play reminds me of a Denver-Indianapolis game a few years back. As the clip below shows, the Denver defense forgot that a player has to be down by contact in the NFL (unlike college) for the play to be over.

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