Posted on 11-10-2010
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Venezuela’s bloviating caudillo reaffirmed his totalitarian bonafides by supporting China’s outrage at the award of the Nobel peace prize to Liu Xiaobo.  I wonder what it will take for his celebrity allies in the United States like Sean Penn to come to grips with the realities of Chavez’s Bolivarian revolution.  When Chavez came to power, his charge that Venezuela’s oil riches had not been shared with its great unwashed had a certain resonance.  A decade later the mask has slipped.  His incompetent handling of Venezuela’s economy has led to food shortages and inflation.  Rising crime is taking its toll on his popularity.  Meanwhile he has supported leftist terrorists in neighboring Colombia and squandered Venezuela’s oil surplus in shoring up self admitted failures like Fidel Castro.  A reflexive desire to poke a finger in Uncle Sam’s eye has led to embraces of despots from Tehran to Beijing.  Given his attempts to muzzle his own opposition and internal media, it is no surprise Chavez has defended the despots in Beijing.

Meanwhile China’s has stepped up its hysterical outbursts against the award by placing Liu Xiaobo’s wife under house arrest.  It remains to be seen who accepts the award on Liu Xiobo’s behalf.

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