Posted on 26-10-2010
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After 60 years of trying, Health Care Reform finally passed earlier this year.  The Republicans used it to gin up support for their base.  The Democrats went silent.  This allowed Fox News and other components of the Republican media machine to rail against the law even though many of the individual components of the law are quite popular.  The advertisement below by Rick Waugh running an incredibly long shot campaign against Eric Cantor is an example of how Democrats could have thrown Republicans on the defensive:

But then if frogs had wings their butts wouldn’t be so sore.  We are after all talking about the Democrats whose spines are made of jelly.  Rather than boldly standing behind the popular portions of the law, you have people like Joe Manchin who cravenly flipped their positions for short term electoral prospects.  With Democrats unable or unwilling to tout their accomplishments during the Obama presidency, it is no wonder that the enthusiasm gap came into being.  However, undesirable the ultimate end result I will shed no tears when some of these gutless wonders (e.g. Blanche Lincoln and an assortment of Blue Dog Democrats) lose.

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