Posted on 27-10-2010
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Rachel Maddow visited Alaska on Tuesday and interviewed all three Senate candidates.  She also got some time to talk to some impassioned yet frighteningly clueless Joe Miller supporters.  Given the general ignorance about public affairs in this country you could probably make similar clips with leftist protesters.  However, since the tea party is taking to the streets to “take our country back” in this election cycle, I am picking on their inchoate rage:

The Black Panther case alluded to at the end of the clip involved a few losers who showed up at a largely black Philadelphia voting precinct on election day.  The Bush justice department concluded that it could not pursue a criminal case and pursued a civil case instead, which was later dismissed by the Obama DOJ.  Fox made it a story about an organized and serious attempt to intimidate white voters, even though no voters seem to have lodged a complaint.

As a bonus Maddow also snagged a brief interview with Joe Miller.  It is a rare opportunity to find a tea party candidate talking to someone outside of Fox “News.”  After Rand Paul’s stumble over the Civil Rights Act, it even rarer to see a tea partier brave Maddow.  While a soon to come post will slam Miller and other tea partiers on First Amendment issues, I will give him kudos for actually talking to a journalist not employed by the Republican Pravda.  Interview below:

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