Posted on 29-10-2010
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What would we do without YouTube.  As an ugly election cycle winds down Tea Partier Joe Miller is being slammed…by someone who wants to caucus with the Republicans – incumbent Senator and sore loser Lisa Murkowski.  The ad slams the self-proclaimed constitutional conservative for having his goon squad arrest a journalist asking pesky questions about his ethical lapses, his odd praise for the East German Stasi’s methods of immigration control and his supporters parading in a campaign rally toting assault rifles.  It then cuts into brighter tones around Lisa Murkowski.  It is hard not to see this ad and wonder what would have happened if Murkowski had taken the Miller threat seriously and gone after him harder in the primary.  Video below:

Meanwhile, Alaska’s half-term quitter showed up in Anchorage to rally support for a stumbling Miller campaign and take pot-shots at Murkowski.

Murkowski’s ad is a contrast from the type of corny yet good humored ads run by Democratic nominee and huge underdog Scott McAdams – who has the added burden of raising his public profile.  The ad below also pays homage to the rich Alaska tradition of pork and to one of the finest practitioners of the art of bringing home the bacon – the late Ted Stevens.

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