Posted on 17-11-2010
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Lisa Murkowski appears to have made history.  The incumbent Alaska Senator who was caught napping by tea party challenger Joe Miller in the Republican primary, took advantage of Alaska’s lack of a sore loser law to go ahead and run in the general election.  However, unlike the sore loser senior Senator from Connecticut 4 years ago she had to wage a write-in campaign.

The last Senator to win a write-in campaign was Strom Thurmond in 1954.  Yet Murkowski appears to have pulled it off.  As the votes were counted Joe Miller displayed signs of sore loseritis by challenging all spelling mistakes on write-in ballots based on a strict interpretation of state law.  At the same time he demanded that any write-in votes for him (there were not many) should count as votes for him even though he was not a declared write-in candidate (as required by state law). The state conceded his request under the intent of the voter standard that Miller objected for Murkowski votes. Now that seems to be a moot point since Murlowski has a lead in properly spelled out ballots.

Rather than conceding gracefully, Miller has succumbed to acute sore loseritis, wanting a recount because of Alaska’s allegedly flawed computer counting system.  With the margin more than 0.5%, Miller would have to pay for any such recount.  It is not clear whether his donors are willing to fund this quixotic challenge.  Miller ultimately has only himself to blame.  His campaign imploded after revelations of his ethical misadventures, his willingness to mooch off the public trough and his odd fascination with East German security methods.

Murkowski deserves credit for one of the most impressive voter and spelling education jobs in American political history (after an embarrassing flub by her own campaign).  In recent days as her victory started seeming more certain she has also started taking pot shots at her family bête noire – the half term quitter turned TV personality from Wasilla.  Video below:

Murkowski’s win must be galling for Sarah Palin who helped Miller win the primary only to see him rejected in the election that mattered. Round III in the Palin-Murkowski clan slug fest should be entertaining.

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