Posted on 12-01-2011
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I intended to resume blogging after a long Christmas vacation last weekend.  Then the shootings in Arizona occurred and an all too familiar dispiriting feeling of anger, frustration and disgust at the state of politics in this country hit me.  Jared Lee Loughner appears to have acted on his own paranoid delusions and James Fallows has aptly pointed out the absence of logic in such “political” shootings.  What does stick out however in the miasma of Loughner’s delusions is a propensity to believe bizarre conspiracy theories about the government.

In recent years public figures (in government and media) who cannot hide behind the veil of (possible) schizophrenia have engaged in similar rantings.  They did not cause Loughner’s murderous spree, but should know better than to reaffirm the world view of similarly disturbed folk.  If advertisements can influence shoppers, Hollywood can corrupt teens surely the words of people in positions of trust can influence people to act…sometimes disturbed people.

It is not an argument I expect to win.  One thing I have realized over the years is that political conversations between people of different beliefs can resemble ships passing in the night.  Which is why, I am glad President Obama declined the overtures of some on the hard left to descend into the muck and engage in what is becoming a partisan political brawl.  This was a virtuoso performance that brilliantly turned a somber occasion into a hopeful celebration.  The hope will dull when the hard political reality of divided government returns next week.  But for now bask in the euphoria.  Full video of the speech below:

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