Posted on 23-02-2011
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Alaska’s half-term quitter is having a rough year.  First the panicky Republican establishment worried that she might actually win the nomination started waking up to her lack of curiosity, temperament and qualifications for the job.  Then after taking heat in the aftermath of the Arizona shootings she botched an opportunity to engender sympathy (and look presidential) with a thin skinned aggressive response.  Her poll numbers are sinking in the early Republican primary states and her media strategy to prevent her 15 minutes of fame from running out caused the snarky Wonkette blog to run the headline: “Desperate Sarah Palin Hinting Hard She’s Running For President.”  Now comes a tell all book from a former aide who claims he has access to reams of emails.  Then comes the even more damaging hit (again from Wonkette) that Sarah Palin may have a second Facebook account to praise Palin on her official Facebook account.  I have no doubt of Palin’s narcissism, but can she really be this pathetic?  For the record Palin has denied having a second Facebook account (and some doubt the denial).

This was grist to the mill for MSNBC’s Chris Matthews (no Sarah Palin fan) and the quote for the title of this post comes from Cynthia Tucker in the video below:

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