Posted on 23-05-2011
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The weather-vane of the Republican party has a problem.  His record.  Even if some of his policies were pragmatic and defensible, he faces a party that rejects former conservative ideas when they are embraced by the Democrats, particularly Barack Obama.  Mitt Romney has shown an impressive ability to change positions like a chameleon changes colors (and then to attack opponents for holding positions he held a short while back).  Needless to say his opponents in 2008 pounced on this trait during the debates, particularly in the two videos below:




Now a democratic operative in South Carolina has added to Romney’s misery by preparing the attack ad below composed almost entirely of Romney statements.



Note to the rest of the Democrats – there is a treasure trove out there on YouTube that is begging for attention.  Much of it does not even need to be “quoted out of context.”

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