Posted on 18-07-2011
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Alaska’s half-term quitter’s latest “look at me” attempt – the laughably mistitled hagiography “The Undefeated” – was telecast in selected cities this week.  The response appears to have been underwhelming.  The Sarah Palin fan club led by bullshit artist Andrew Breitbart promptly saw a conspiracy.  Others made laughable attempts to tout six people attending a showing of the propaganda flick.

Meanwhile, Palin like many other celebrities before her has got the Downfall treatment.  Video below:

Inside Palin Campaign HQ – Launch of ‘The Undefeated’ Fails from Moosehelmet Films on Vimeo.

I still have a hard time seeing Palin launch a credible campaign for President.  Her fellow loony tunes seeking the Presidency have not had a great couple of weeks either.  In a week where large chunks of the Republican party embraced insanity by welcoming an American default, the fringe candidates added their mite too.

  • Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann jumped at the opportunity to sign a controversial family values pledge.
  • Bachmann’s husband drew attention for his controversial counselling to cure homosexuality and now she may have to answer questions about her health.
  • Herman Cain took his anti-Islam bufoonery to new levels.  Video below:

  • Mitt Romney who should be able to brand himself as the adult of this bunch draws so little enthusiasm that a large section of the Republican party is still seeking a white knight (whose spouse will permit a presidential run).  With Mitch Daniels and Chris Christie not running, Rick Perry is up next.  It remains to be seen whether Perry’s accounting gimmicks that have created a fiscal disaster in Texas and other skeletons in his closet will hold up under the scrutiny of the national media.

It is a pity Jon Huntsman is gathering no traction in the menagerie running for the Republican nomination. Heck, Romney has no principles but I will take him (or Huntsman) over the rest of this lot.

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