Posted on 12-11-2011
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Mitt Romney deviated from his tired canard about Obama apologizing for America to provide the sort of platitudes that comprise his foreign policy platform.  After all, you have to dig deep to call the President who ordered a raid into the heart of Pakistan to get Osama Bin Laden and who helped bring down Gaddafi weak.  So the solution is the blanket statement below on the Iranian push for a nuclear bomb.



So Mitt, since you are evidently willing to go to war to achieve this end please tell us how you manage this:

  • Almost every military expert agrees that an aerial bombardment of the type Israel is itching to launch would at best delay the Iranian push for the device.  So are you going to send in ground troops?
  • Where would such an invasion be launched from?
  • How would we pay for this?
  • What would be the impact on an overstretched military that is seeing light at the end of the tunnel of two long wars in the countries on the West and the East of Iran?
  • What will be the impact in Iraq if Iran unleashes its Sadrite proxies or on Israel if Hezbollah gets involved?
  • How will you handle the economic shock of an almost certain spike in oil prices (to go with the mess in Europe)?
  • If this is a snatch and grab, how will we prevent Iran from restarting the program?
  • How will you handle the fallout with Russia and China – or do you just not give a damn?
  • Are you willing to consider a full fledged invasion?  If so, how will you handle an occupation?

The ugly reality is that there are few good options to prevent Iran from getting the Bomb.  Iran has wanted the Bomb since the days of the Shah.  The pursuit of the Bomb is incredibly popular even among the anti-cleric democratic movement.  The Obama administration has been incredibly successful in getting Russian and Chinese support for a practical containment policy.  But if Mittens has a silver bullet for Iran other than his usual foreign policy bluster, I am all ears.

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