Posted on 22-11-2011
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Faux News never ceases to disappoint.  As the pepper spray incident at UC Davis (the latest in police attacks on peaceful protesters) drays outrage, the bobble-heads at Faux News chimed in to predictably to make excuses for the officers.  Everything is fine people:

  • pepper spray is essentially a food product, so presumably it is no problem to spray it into their face (though the bobble-heads acknowledge that some people ended up in the hospital)
  • Davis is a liberal campus, so perhaps these students had it coming
  • The police chief may be a scapegoat, even though video evidence suggests (even the bobble-heads acknowledge) that she may have lied about the level of threats in justifying the pepper spraying.  Personally, I believe Chancellor Katehi should be gone too.

Most egregious is the excuse trotted out in the past to justify torture, that we have no right to Monday Morning Quarterback the police.  It is a dangerous philosophy that can be used to justify any sort of government brutality.  Video below:



Even liberal blogs have acknowledged that a long term occupation of cities by a group that has not articulated concrete demands at some point brings diminishing results.  But that does not justify the wave of police gassing or clubbing citizens peacefully assembled in protest.  But then Faux News is primarily concerned about the tyranny of government health care and other conspiracy theories they peddle about the Obama administration.   Meanwhile Megyn Kelly’s latest idiocy has gone viral on twitter.  Check out the hashtag #FakeMegynKelly

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