Posted on 28-06-2012
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Seconds after the court upheld the individual mandate of Obamacare under the taxing power the Republican outrage machine clicked into full gear accusing Obama of taxing the middle class.  Exhibit A is the video below.


Turns out that the Romneybot version 2006 made essentially the same argument:




The real reason is not hard to figure out.  In a country founded on a tax revolt where the masses of citizenry demand services, but are allergic to paying for it defending legislation under the taxing power can be political suicide.  This is why Republicans like Romneybot (in any version) and Tim Pawlenty twist themselves into pretzels asserting that they never raised taxes…they raised fees.

The mandate is the only part of the bill that is unpopular.  But it is necessary to pay for all the goodies in the bill Americans like and many desperately need.  But the allegedly fiscally conservative party would like to pretend that the goodies can be delivered without any cost…but then again this is the party that deludes itself that tax cuts raise revenue, evidence be damned.

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