Posted on 08-09-2012
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Tsar Vladimir’s (f/k/a Filaret) latest Jacques Cousteu impersonation is a doozy.  Dressed in white coveralls the Tsar flew a hang glider to help guide cranes into a new migration path (basically to avoid Afghanistan where they are hunted).  The actual details of the event are bit farcical and may have actually killed some birds.  But after tacking mammals on land and on sea in the past it was time to take to the air.  This is the latest feat of strength the Tsar has used to distract from the dismal reality of life in his corporatist petrostate.  Of course his infamous archaeological scuba dive defied credulity and was rapidly exposed as a setup.

But the Tsar still knows his limits.  He laughably refers to his luxurious digs as the life of a galley slave.  And recently he recoiled when a priest tried to pay him obeisance and kiss his ring.




Hopefully this means the sight of the Tsar displaying a healing touch is still far away.

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