Posted on 10-09-2012
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In the aftermath of the party conventions it appears that Mitt Romney got no or even a negative bounce in the polls while Barack Obama got a measurable bounce in the polls.  To calm freyed nerves, Mitt Romney’s campaign issued a public statement that can be summarized by the video below:



For the actual statement see here.   The statement itself is rather odd since it provides no polling data to back it up and makes some weird comparisons to the 1980 campaign – for starters Reagan left the RNC with a huge lead.  Also Romney’s campaign had confidently predicted a 11 point lead after the conventions in the aftermath of his selection of Paul Ryan for vice president.

To be fair to Romney, all is not lost.  Two months is a long time for bad economic news to turn up (likely via Europe) or for something stupid to happen with Iran (which could tank the economy too). The ad barrage financed by the Super PACs of his billionaire friends is about to begin.  Super PACs in general have played fast and loose with the facts, but here they complement Romney’s cynical campaign.

The latest from Mitt Romney culture warrior is a promise he will not take God off the currency.  The rest of his riff refers to the fact that the Democratic platform did not originally explicitly mention God – though there were explicit mentions of faith all along.  Of course nobody is seriously talking about taking “In God we Trust” off the currency or the cold war insertion of God out of the Pledge of Allegiance.   But a desperate Romney will swing at anything, and he lacks the moral core of a John McCain that would prevent his campaign from going to the gutter.  This will be a long two months.

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