Dear Laura Ingraham, the answer is nowhere. Because only Faux News is the only network dishonest/stupid/both enough to post them.  What am I talking about.  This doozy displayed on the Three Stooges this morning:

Leave it to Faux to compare apples and oranges, let alone attributing job losses for Obama commencing on day 1 of his Presidency.  As has been repeated often, Obama inherited an economy that was hemorrhagic jobs, something that took a few months to staunch.  It really makes no sense to blame him for the job losses in the first few months of his presidency – and yes dear Republicans that started under Bush not Obama.

Then there is the lazy mendacity of using the standard unemployment rate for 2009 and the unemployment rate that includes part time workers who want to work full time and those who have given up on day two, to make it appear that employment has doubled under Obama.  Since others have done yeoman’s work breaking down and debunking this bullshit, I will just link to their article here.  Kudos to Media Matters for breaking another Faux News exclusive.  I am not really sure what an unemployment rate for government workers is supposed to signify, and why people being out of work is something to cheer about.  Clip from the Three Stooges is below:



Evidently Larry, Curly and Moe will issue a correction tomorrow.  My prediction, they will ignore the point above about the state of the economy when Obama took office and pretend that (a) things were just fine, (b) he caused the recession and made it worse, or (c) both.

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