Posted on 12-09-2012
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This blog excoriated the politicization of the death of an American diplomat in a violent attack on the embassy in Benghazi yesterday.  Turns out the attack was even worse.  The death toll currently sits at 4, including the American ambassador Christopher Stevens.  Video below:



This blog is about as militant a supporter of free speech there is, but has no sympathy for deliberate provocation to stir up trouble.  Most countries do not have our free speech protections or do not share our heritage of protecting them.  So acts/statements by private individuals who then walk free are easy tools to gin up anti-American violence in the region.  Personally I find riots based on an obscure statement by an unimportant asshole on the other side of the world profoundly stupid.  But since the Satanic Verses we have known that insults or presumed insults against the Prophet Muhammad or the Quran trigger a reaction that most Americans find puzzling and overheated.

The movie blamed for the riots was a deliberate attempt to goad the bull.  Congrats Sam Bacile, Terry Jones and the other assholes who made or are promoting this film.  It worked.  You proved how easy it is to trigger riots in the Muslim world.  You have exercised your right to free speech.  Now others will pay the price.  That will range from American diplomats and citizens in the Arab world to Coptic and other Christian minorities.  I hope you are happy with the results as you head into hiding.


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