Posted on 10-10-2012
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I follow politics at the antipodes fairly cursorily.  I recall Julia Gillard becoming Australia’s first woman prime minister after a parliamentary coup displaced her predecessor. Her tenure has not been without controversy and she appears to have drawn some very personal hatred from supporters of her opposition, some of it appearing rooted in gender (sound familiar?).  A recent brouhaha over sexist text messages sent by her handpicked choice for speaker Peter Slipper led to a vote in parliament to remove him from office.  Slipper survived the vote but resigned soon after.  But not before Prime Minister Gillard launched an epic broadside at the hypocrisy of the Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott, whose rising discomfort is evident as the 15 minute verbal smack-down proceeds.

Two thoughts come to mind.  Politics in Oz at present appear every bit as toxic as here.  And, I wish our quasi-monarchical executive had some equivalent of question hour that exists in Westminster style democracies.

Full transcript of the speech here.  Video below (worth listening through):



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