Posted on 10-10-2012
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I grow increasingly in awe at Mitt Romney’s run for president.  Combining the mendacity of Pinocchio with the policy flexibility of an etch-a-sketch, Mitt Romney left President Obama (not a good debater to begin with) flummoxed at how to respond in last week’s debate.  After all, how do you respond to man who cheerfully tosses out the slim details of his tax cut plan, brazenly lies about his health care plan covering pre-existing conditions (promptly fact checked by his own campaign when 70 million people were not watching), attacks the President for medicare savings (which he terms as cuts) which are in his and his running mate’s plans, and attacks the President for not embracing the flawed Simpson-Bowles plan (not a commission report because Paul Ryan led the Republicans in voting against it) which he himself rejects.

A week before the debates he admitted that President Obama had not cut taxes on the middle class.  The week of the debates he ran ads attacking Obama for raising taxes.  His over-hyped call to war major foreign policy address this week had lazy lies like Obama allegedly not signing a single free trade accord in his presidency.  The mind reels in amazement.

This is after all a man who lied about his own first name – though I would probably not want to admit my name is Willard either (video below):



Well, it seems to have worked.  A Republican base in the frenzy of Obama derangement syndrome does not care that their candidate is spinning like a lubricated weathervane (thank you Jon Hunstman for that phrase) to pretend he is a moderate for the general election.  Case in point, Mitt Romney executed another one of his limber backflips on abortion yesterday.  As usual this was promptly walked back, but his pro-life supporters are confident that Romney’s lack of a spine (which allows flexibility that would make a gymnast blush) will make him fold like an over-leveraged Bain acquisition when they tut-tut their disapproval.  Many independents impressed by his upbeat debate performance in contrast to the President’s limp-wristed one appear to be giving him another look.

It will take me too long for me to chronicle the sheer mendacity and suppleness of the man.  So I will delegate to two sites.

  • The first is Steve Benen’s weekly Chronicle of Mitt’s Mendacity.  Last week’s post-debate version was the 37th chronicle of this series and reached an epic 50 points.
  • The second one has been a long time coming (wonder why it took so long) and is dedicated to the supple etch-a-sketch. allows you to customize your very own Mitt – Liberal, Moderate or Conservative (or a mix of the above) complete with video.

Ultimately the Romney campaign has been enabled by the timidity of the main-stream media.  Taking full advantage of mainstream journalists who believe their job is to be stenographers slave to false equivalency between the parties, Romney has repeatedly got away with whoppers on a scale unsurpassed by a major candidate.  He has also been aided by a presumption that he is the “serious” candidate – helped by the gallery of buffoons challenging him in the primaries – even though his policy prescriptions are thin, subject to magic math or are sometimes (notably in foreign policy) utter nonsense.

It is truly depressing that a man who would say anything with no moral or ideological core could be this close to winning the Presidency.

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