Posted on 12-10-2012
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Germany will collect the $1 million award for the Nobel peace prize, and refuse to share it with Greece.

The Nobel Peace prize seems committed to making itself irrelevant. First there was the silly award to Obama three years back. Now the committee is doubling down with the comically mistimed award to the European Union.

The European project has obviously played a huge part in establishing peace in Western Europe in the aftermath of World War II. But the time for this award was 40 years ago. Since then the record has been decidedly mixed. While the fears of German-Polish tensions have receded, the EU failed miserably in the Balkans in the 90s and has struggled to control authoritarian impulses in countries like Hungary. Worse the squabbling in the aftermath of the debt crisis, has triggered questions about the viability of the EU.

I suspect this award is targeted at those questions and to remind people about the EU’s past success. If so, it is spectacularly ham handed interference in a legitimate discussion on whether the EU and the Euro expanded too fast and too soon. Mockery is justified.

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