Posted on 12-10-2012
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Hugo Chavez was re-elected to another 6 year term this week and his crumbling “Bolivarian revolution” will go on for now.  This was by no means a totally fair election given that Chavez used the full powers of incumbency and his grip on government controlled media against his opponent.  Yet his margin of victory dropped, a combination of a united opposition rallying around a strong candidate and the economic mismanagement of Venezuela by Chavez and the soaring crime rate.  Chavez is the forerunner or recent autocrats who hold on to power by semi-free elections but show no respect for the checks and balances and respect for institutions needed in a democracy.

The future though is murky.  Chavez has suffered from cancer in recent years.  While Chavez earned some deserved plaudits for noting that Venezuela’s oil wealth did not benefit its masses, his populist mismanagement and white elephant projects have dissipated the benefits of that oil wealth.  Hollywood stars like Danny Glover and Sean Penn who bask in the Caudillo’s glow fail to note Chavez’s assault on a free press and independent judiciary and support for narco-terrorists like FARC.

So nothing changes for now.   Chavez will remain a thorn in America’s side, Cuba will get their freebies and Venezuela’s economic malaise will continue.

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