Posted on 15-11-2012
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It seems we still have Mitt Romney to kick around one more time. Just when we could hope to see the last of the Bain plutocrat, he shook the etch-a-sketch one last time. This summer Romney’s campaign was shaken by the release of the video where he tagged 47% of the country as moochers. After initially petulantly standing by the remarks Romney laughably and unconvincingly asserted he was for the 100%. Now the election lost, his political career over and unwilling to accept he was outfought by a community organizer the plutocratic mask is revealed once more.

In a call to donors Romney whined that President Obama won by giving “gifts” to his constituency – women, young voters and minorities. On election night Bill O’Reilly engaged in similarly racially loaded rhetoric.

There is of course a total lack of self-awareness on Mitt Romney who wanted to give billions of dollars in goodies tax cuts to his fellow plutocrats and whose Medicare lie was an implicit promise of goodies to old voters. However in the Republican mind only Democratic Party voters want “stuff.”

In a sign of the coming political oblivion of Mitt Romney, his party’s governors and presidential hopefuls spent no time throwing him under the bus. Unlike Romney they understand just how big a disaster the 47% comments were, even though their understanding extends to semantics and not actual policies.

So Romney stands alone, exposed once final time as a giant dick.

UPDATE:  Audio added below.

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