Posted on 26-11-2012
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But for a handful of conference title games the regular football season is almost over.  Award season will soon be upon us to be followed by the Bowl games.  In a week Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel could end up as the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy – reserved for the most outstanding player in college football.  Yet Manziel – aka Johnny Football – faces a stiff rear guard action from people who do not believe a freshman should receive the Heisman.  This prejudice used to extend to all underclassmen until Tim Tebow won the award as a Sophomore a few years back.  Sophomores won the Heisman the next two years.

Manziel has been a human highlight reel obliterating SEC offensive records.  While his sheer reckless and fearless play can induce palpitations in this Aggie, he has been an absolute delight to watch.  Added to the joy is Texas A&M’s first 10 win season since 1998 after a decade of mediocrity sometimes laced with sheer awfulness.  Some enterprising soul compiled clips of all of Manziel’s 43 TDs from this season where he racked up 4,600 yards and became the first Freshman to pass for 3,000 yards and rush over 1,000 yards.    Johnny Football should soon become Johnny Heisman.  Enjoy the video below and Gig’em Aggies:

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