Posted on 21-01-2013
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Well it is official. Barack Obama’s second term has commenced. After an informal swearing in yesterday (to match the constitutional requirement of January 20), the President delivered his formal inaugural address today (along with retaking the oath of office in public).  It appears Chief Justice Roberts did not botch the oath this time.

The tenor of the address is different.  The fiscal crisis has abated.  Even with the best efforts of the tea party wing of the Republican party to sabotage the economy, the recovery should continue.  As a result this address set out a progressive vision of the President’s goals in the second term.  Climate change, immigration, voting reform, gay rights, same-sex marriage and a slap down of Paul Ryan’s “nation of takers” by defending the vision of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security highlighted the speech.

This is a different President.  The hopey-changey stuff has been tempered by the reality of knee jerk Republican opposition to anything the President proposes.  The beltway media hacks will bemoan the lack of bipartisanship without the courage to assign the blame where it belongs.

So the term begins.  Hopefully something can be achieved before lame duck status kicks in and the 2016 campaign commences.

Video of the innaugural address is below:

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