Posted on 21-01-2013
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It is not an easy time to be a school administrator. The massacre in Newton highlights the risks kids face from mentally disturbed people with guns. Yet in a pattern that is profoundly tedious and disturbing, legitimate concerns are an excuse for a lack of common sense.

Over the last two decades schools have responded to safety concerns along with accusations of discrimination by taking the path of least resistance or thought. Zero tolerance policies have led to some really stupid decisions by administrators too petrified to exercise common sense.

This story from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania has really left me pissed off. A five year old girl allegedly told a classmate that she would shoot her and herself with her “gun.” However, the gun in question was a Hello Kitty Bubble Maker. Someone seems to have contacted the Apparatchiks in charge of her elementary school who responded to a five year old behaving like a five year old by characterizing this a “terrorist threat”. It appears that a teacher may have told the bawling child that she could be headed to jail. Then these geniuses appear to have interrogated the five year old for three hours before contacting her parents. Then they suspended her for 10 days and required her to obtain a psychological evaluation. The suspension has now been reduced to 2 days.

To make it worse the parents of the child cannot enroll her in another school district because of the suspension branded into her record.

The school district has issued a typical mealy mouthed statement:

The Mount Carmel Area School District has investigated the issue and will continue to do so. When given the opportunity in the appropriate forum, we look forward to presenting information that will portray our school district in a more positive light….The statement continues, “The Mount Carmel Area School District takes the well-being and safety of students and staff very seriously. In discipline matters, all circumstances are taken into consideration when arriving at decisions. It is the vision of the Mount Carmel Area educational community to create a safe learning environment that nurtures the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of each child.

This is insane. From the facts public so far the people who should have permanent reprimands in their record are the school officials and the teacher who may have traumatized the child with threats of jail time. It is unconscionable that school officials interrogated a child for so long before contacting the parents.

The parents are considering a lawsuit. I hope they follow up against these bubble headed Apparatchiks.

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