Posted on 06-05-2013
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The Republicans spent most of the first Obama term trying to find mythical Obama scandals – fast and furious, Solyndra, the Obama phone etc. all withered away once sunlight shone on breathless Faux News exposes.  Then came the attack on Benghazi at the height of the Presidential campaign and the death of Ambassador Stevens.

Obviously things went horribly wrong in Benghazi.  But eager to give Mitt Romney a silver bullet for the campaign, Senator Graham desperately burnishing his conservative credentials to head off a primary challenge and seeing the opportunity to hang a millstone around Hillary Clinton’s neck Republicans have been desperately flogging the Benghazi faux scandal.

So Senator McCain accuses the administration of a cover-up but cannot identify what was covered up.  Witnesses were allegedly intimidated, but none can be identified.  Even in front of the three stooges on Faux & Friends Republican Congressman Jassen Chaffetz struggled to identify what was covered up, why was there a need for a cover up and why would respected military officials stick their necks out to cover a lie.  Video below:

Now the Republicans are producing two “whistleblowers” whose credibility is on the line by their choice of partisan brawlers as counsel.  The problem for the Republicans is that they have so obviously played politics with their :investigation” and have repeatedly fallen for every right wing conspiracy theory on the subject that outside of their Faux News audience few are likely to take them seriously.

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