Posted on 07-05-2013
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Over the last few years the Republicans have made a mockery of parliamentary procedure and the notions of bipartisanship.  Compromise means the Democrats accept all of the Republican positions while the Republicans change none of their own.  If the Democrats actually do embrace a Republican position, the bill becomes an attack on our freedoms.  The silly season has been on display for the budget.

The last few years the Republicans abused the filibuster process to make it impossible to pass a budget.  Then they repeatedly passed the nonsensical Paul Ryan budget laden with pixie dust and calling for unidentified budget cuts (which of course must be identified by Democrats so Republicans can beat them on the head repeatedly).  After blocking the Senate from doing its jobs they whined to the establishment stenographers that the Democrats were not following process and setting up a conference committee.

This year the plan went off the rails.  The Democratic Senate actually passed a budget.  Even worse the arithmetic in the budget (unlike the Ryan fantasies actually adds up…or at least comes much much closer to doing so).  At this point the Republicans lost their appetite for a budget conference which would highlight just how nonsensical their plans are.  It is much easier to hold the nation hostage over the debt ceiling.

On Monday, Majority Leader Harry Reid tried to get the ball rolling on appointing Senate commissioners for the Conference. At the end of the day freshman Republican bomb-thrower Ted Cruz rose to object calling for the Democrats to essentially concede defeat before the conference by agreeing to not raise the debt ceiling or taxes.  The result to this ridiculous proposal (identified by Reid as such in the video below) was a smack down by the Majority Leader who noted Cruz was like a schoolyard bully who on losing and now wants to take his ball and go home and change the rules as well.

Cruz who is winning few friends in the Senate tried to whine afterwards in contravention of Senate rules and got smacked down again.  The video above is worth a watch.

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