Posted on 22-05-2013
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The Republican Party facing demographic disaster has been desperate to present a more diverse face.  In recent years it has run a number of prominent minority candidates.  Unfortunately the same policies being stated by a minority mouthpiece do not do much to sell those policies to minority voters.  Like the occasional forays of Republican Presidential wannabees to NAACP conferences they at best help a bit in white suburbia.  The problems are real.  Lost in the desperate attempts to pin something..anything on Barack Obama was the recent resignation of the GOP’s Florida Hispanic Outreach Director who registered as a Democrat citing a “culture of intolerance.”  This is in Florida where the Cuban population already tends Hispanic.

But this time the Party of Akin and Angle has surpassed itself in Virginia.  They have actually managed to find an African American candidate for Lt. Governor who among other things opposed desegregation of public housing and believes that the three-fifths clause of the Constitution (the one that allowed slave holders greater political power by counting non-voting slaves as three-fifths of a person for apportioning Congressional seats and Presidential electoral votes) was an anti-slavery clause.  This is nuttiness far beyond even the currently right wing core of the Republican Party.

For good measure the Virginia GOP nominated a candidate for Attorney General who wants women to report miscarriages to the police or face jail time.  Their gubernatorial candidate is trying to make voters forget his recent quixotic attempt to criminalize oral sex or comments where he called the principles that led to the passage of Medicare “despicable, dishonest, and worthy of condemnation.”

These are the Party’s nominees in a purple state won by Obama twice and with two Democratic Senators.  Just imagine what the GOP puts out in bright red states.

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