Posted on 09-06-2014
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The 2014 FIFA world cup starts this week.  Much of the world (including yours truly) will be captivated by the spectacle that comes once every four years.  Soccer (or Football as the world outside the United States accurately calls it) is by far the most popular sport in the world.  Football crazy Brazil is hosting the world cup this year.

Yet the last year has seen the spectacle tarnished by controversy.  Brazilians have been publicly protesting the waste of resources to build brand new stadiums at the cost of other social spending.  The 2022 world cup awarded to Qatar has deservedly come for its share of abuse – from the idiocy of playing football in the desert in summer, to the slavery like labor practices in the oil rich Gulf countries and now allegations of corruption that have swirled around awarding the cup to Qatar in the first place.

FIFA like almost every multinational “non-profit” sports body is notoriously corrupt.  The blatant waste of resources is now affecting the 2022 Winter Olympics with almost every potential bidder based in a democracy withdrawing their bids.

Pro-sports in the United States are a continuing scam where billionaire owners shake downs cities, counties and states for brand new arenas on the public dime under the threat of leaving down.  The Atlanta Braves are the latest to pull off this con.  Makes you wonder and hope that the 2022 Winter Olympics are the first sign that people have had enough.

But even then what is a football fan to do.  Love the game, hate the corrupt bastards?  It is not an easy conflict to resolve.

 John Oliver delivered a comprehensive takedown of FIFA yesterday night, while admitting his own inner conflict.  Enjoy the video below:

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