Posted on 09-03-2018
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As noted in the previous post Trump shocked the world by agreeing to meet with Kim Jong Un.  Less then 24 hours later, the usual walkbacks have started.  Misstating the North Korean promise for talks regarding denuclearization the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that North Korea has agreed to denuclearize and progress on this would be needed before the summit takes place.

It appears that in an attempt to shut down criticism of Trump meeting Kim Jong Un unconditionally, the White House has added a poison pill to the whole mess.  Denuclearization as a precondition to talks is preposterous.  Outside the loony tunes world of Trumplandia, nobody expects North Korea to do this.  Trump’s “Nixon goes to China” moment could be over before it started and the incoherence of this administration is on display once again.



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