Posted on 02-10-2009
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Others have done a phenomenal job ripping apart the blather of those who feel that Roman Polanski’s childhood in the holocaust, brutal killing of his wife or the fact that he is a great director excuse his rape of a 13 year old (and some say it was not rape-rape) and subsequent flight when he discovered he may actually face jail time.  I will let their words do the talking.  Kudos to Kate Harding in Salon, Kate Dailey in Newsweek, Steve Lopez in the LA Times, and the San Diego Reader for pointing out how he is lucky to not be extradited to Poland.  As far as the ridiculous assertion that the evil judge was going to renege on the plea bargain (a) the judge had that right and (b) pages 11 and 12 of his plea transcript show him acknowledging that right.

What has not got as much publicity is that he followed this up by having a sexual affair with the 15 year old Nastassja Kinski.   His suffering that Anne Applebaum whines about included being unable to visit the United States and United Kingdom while living in luxury in continental Europe, hobnobbing with the elite and marrying and settling down with a beautiful waif like French actress (who also happens to be 30 years younger…one senses a trend).

We can debate how much time Polanski should actually spend behind bars.  But justice and the rule of law will be served by bringing an unremorseful fugitive finally to account, an act that may ironically have been triggered by the legal arguments of his attorneys.

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