Posted on 22-10-2009
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A truly horrendous fact pattern in the attached link.  Woman gets raped.  Takes anti-HIV drugs as a precaution.  Because of exercising common sense in protecting herself she is now uninsurable.  This on the heels of examples that could constitute uninsurable preexisting conditions in some states like spousal abuse, being a firefighter or having acne, getting pregnant. getting pregnant again after a previous caesarian birth, etc.

Health insurers do have a point in that without a strong mandate to buy insurance, people with pre-existing conditions will only obtain insurance when they need medical care.  But they do not address two issues. What do the people in some of the cases who were not engaging in moral hazard do?  And if private insurance companies are not willing to accept people with pre-existing conditions how do such people afford health care?  If you are 65 the answer is simple.  Get on Medicare.  What happens to the rest of America?

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