Posted on 15-11-2009
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Fareed Zakaria sounds off on the risk that America may be losing its innovative edge.  He may have a point.  Over the last 100 years America has benefited from the brain drain from other countries, whether it was people fleeing persecution or emigrating for superior job opportunities.  All of this was also made possible by the finest higher education system in the world.  That no longer automatically holds true.

Like with many field leaders in the past the American education and political systems sat on their laurels.  The first item that seems to get cut in every state budget seems to be higher education.  The problems with high school education do not stem entirely from money, but even there resources are often a problem in inner city schools.  Worse, as the Chinese and Indian economies start creating job opportunities at home and with the American manufacturing industry in decline, their graduates no longer automatically consider America as the top job destination.  With improving economies the quality of research institutions that can compete with American universities is increasing.  And then there is the American immigration system which in the throes of post-9/11 paranoia scared off many researchers from moving to the United States.

The United States still has some advantages over the rest of the world.  However, harnessing that can use assistance from governmental entities not obsessed with tax cuts and who understand the importance of creating an infrastructure for growth and overcoming libertarian ideologues who pretend that the American  success story occurred in a government free vacuum.

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