Posted on 19-11-2009
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  • The New York Times reminisces about the original automobile disaster story – The Edsel.
  • Warnings that America is falling behind in the space race.
  • The Christian Science Monitor exudes optimism about the international unknowns chosen to be Europe’s President and Prime Minister.
  • Steve Chapman tracks the decline of conservative intelligentsia from Goldwater and Reagan to Palin.
  • Conservative Rod Dreher reviews and trashes Sarah Palin’s ghost written memoir.
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Posted on 19-11-2009
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I have tried to stay away from the Sarah Palin media extravaganza, but the Jon Stewart clip below was too good to pass up.  Conservatives often try excusing Palin for the often excessive cult of personality around Barack Obama.  A few obvious differences should come up right away apart from basic intellectual attainments.  One politician has actually thought about the issues and when challenged on a hostile forum like Bill O’ Reilly can defend them  The other delivers garbled sound bites and complains about mean Katie Couric.  Then there is the weird resignation half way into her term, not for a transition to higher office or because of a prison conviction

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